Learning to Skate at Rockefeller Center Ice Rink

More than a quarter of a million people come to skate at Rockefeller Center’s ice rink each year, and it’s nearby sights and surroundings make it one of the most notable skating rinks in the entire world.

But for those who want to come learn to skate here, there’s one person that can teach you: JoJo Starbuck.

Starbuck, a three-time U.S. National pair skating champion and a two-time Olympian, holds her “Cool Workouts” at the rink, a series of classes open to skaters of all levels. She also teaches individual lessons during open skate hours.

I sat down with JoJo rink-side to discuss what makes skating at Rockefeller Center so special, the kind of reaction she gets from her skating students, and just what it is about skating that she thinks is wonderful.

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