Esther 2:9 Taking Inspiration From the Bible

LaChrisha Brown, 28 lives in Brooklyn and is a recent graduate from The New School for Drama. From an early age she was influenced by her mother and grandmother to seek natural cures for her health and beauty regimen. She was raised in Germany and Louisiana, a state known for being part of the bible belt. Her mom raised her in the church, but it wasn’t until the age of 14 that she began her own personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Brown’s love of the book of Esther from the Bible and interest in using natural resources from the Earth made her interested in making her own body scrubs. This love led her to begin making the scrubs for friends and family fiver years ago. She started her own business Esther 2:9 based on a bible scripture three years ago. Quickly word spread about her body scrubs and now Brown sends several shipments a month to friends and family in Dallas, Texas as well as maintain a client base in New York City.

She mostly sells her products word of mouth. She has an online website that is under construction. Brown says her making the body scrubs is her “way of returning the natural goodness of the earth to itself.”

Listen in as Brown tells the story of her creating her own business, Esther 2:9 and watch her create her own spicy body scrub, Cinnsagenal. (pronounced sin-sage-gin-nal)

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