Mothers in Law: Familial Pest Results

Regardless of the endless jokes and overcooked vegetables, it seems the myth of mothers in law as a matriarchal dragon may be just that, a myth! As the results of the survey come in the vast majority of participants have positive stories to tell. In fact more men described their relationship with their mother in law as ‘close and comfortable’ than women did.

That’s not to say that we don’t have complaints or horror stories…

“She once locked us in her apartment and took away the key,” is definitely on the horrific side.  Being overly opinionated was another common complaint…

She “acts as if she has the final say on how to raise the grand-kids,” said one participant.

But these comments were few compared to the wealth of heart-warming tales…

“I could not have managed to work full time without her wonderful and unobtrusive help. I know I was lucky but she was a real gem!” and…

“Her steadfast determination to support her husband when he was seriously ill – quite something after 50 years of marriage!” said another.

Perhaps the generous comments had something to do with distance then? Absence making hearts grow fonder perhaps as all participants with mothers in law in a different country said it helped.

When it comes to changes, it seems a few adjustments are required such as “short temper” or “allowing me to finish my sentence”. But many of the suggestions were self-less ones,

“Her failing health” or “be less prone to breaking bones by tripping on curbs or falling off horses”

One resounding trend is the roles mothers in law play today.  Over 40% of mothers in law helps or helped with childcare and over 50% of mothers in law go on family holidays.

As the holiday season approaches, think of these results and cherish your relationship with your mother in law….or if not bite your lip and grind your teeth and try not to kill each other!

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