In New York, Few People Report Sexual Harassment in The Subway

“Not limited to the NYC subway system”… that is at least one conclusion we can draw so far from this survey (not that we couldn’t have guessed that before).  Forty percent of respondents reported having been victims of a groping incident in the public transportation systems of NYC, London and Barcelona. Thirty percent reported having witness an incident. However, the surprising thing is that, out of that seventy percent who has had some kind of contact with this inappropriate behavior, only one person reported it to the authorities!! What is wrong with us New Yorkers?

I suppose the story of the one person who did report it to the authorities might give us at least some insight into why people do not bother.  Our respondent was attacked on November 10th, 2010 (that is, last week!) by a drunk man who pushed her against the wall and attempted to kiss her.  She managed to run away and scream for help, but nobody answered.  She reported the incident to the MTA’s personal and waited 30 minutes for cops to show up at the scene.  The MTA employees seemed annoyed by her. And the cops? Never came.

As for the MTA employees and cops who did not do their jobs?  You should live up to your duties as public servants.  Please reconsider and pull your acts together as us citizens rely on you to keep our subway system safe.

About Jose Bayona

Journalist based in New York City.
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