Babies In NYC Bars? The Results

The results are in: 25 people responded to the “babies in bars” conundrum starting October 16.

And from the looks of it, 16 respondents didn’t seem to care if parents brought their kids into a bar.  That’s far more than the 9 people who were absolutely opposed to the idea.

The results of question two shows that people are most comfortable with the immobile newborn rather than with a kid that walks.

The babies in bars continuum of approval from question 3 was all over the map.  An answer of 1 means you feel: “Negative approval times infinity: is nothing sacred for the childless?!”  And 20% of participants felt that way.  However, the 32% that put 2 as their answer, leads me to believe (unscientifically of course) that people weren’t comfortable with just saying no.

The comments section was the best part.  Perhaps anonymity lends people to more honest responses?  I’ll let you decide.  Here are some highlights:

“I’ve never seen a baby in a bar, but I think it’s a fine idea as long as the baby-toters are using good judgment regarding the safety and happiness of their babies.”

“Really, if they are quiet and well behaved kids, I don’t care as much – but well-behaved kids are a rarity in NYC, especially in park slope, which should probably be razed.”

“You have places made for you and they’re called ‘family friendly restaurants’ (which is almost ALL restaurants anyway). Go to a fucking Chili’s where they have a kiddie menu AND the option to buy a ‘Whammin’ Jammin’ Super Margarita Blast’ or whatever.”

“I worry about parents’ ability to supervise their baby and get it home safely if they are intoxicated, but if they’re responsible I think it’s fine. Actually they should make bars with play areas for kids….”

Most people would not bring their kids to bars, as per the results of question 5.  And of all of the people who took the survey 21 didn’t have kids, results that I think could have something to do with the negative responses.

So there you have it dear readers, the results run the gamut.  It seems to me that the people who are most opinionated about this issue are those without children.  Want to prove me wrong?  Take the survey.

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