Are Babies in NYC Bars Space Invaders?

Is this baby killing your buzz?

Parents are people too. They may need to unwind with a glass of wine once in a while. And why shouldn’t that be in a bar? The debate about babies in bars is alive and well in Brooklyn where lifestyles clash and opinions run the gamut.

And this scenario can spark a range of reactions from bar patrons. Some are disgusted at the thought of a parent bringing their young ones into a bar. Others think that our culture is un-friendly enough to parents without having to feel like they have to isolate themselves from enjoying a drink with friends.

Let’s face it: some people see kids anywhere as pests. But this dispute brings out a special relationship between certain public spaces being “appropriate” for families and certain public spaces being “inappropriate” for families.

So let’s hear it New Yorkers: take this survey and we’ll see where you fall in the debate about babies in bars.

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