Why are New York City area airports so pesky?

Flying off to a new locale, going to visit friends or attending a family event is always exciting if you’re not flying through any of the New York City airports. Delays, delays and more delays are likely to occur if your itinerary includes a stop through Newark International, JFK Internationals or LaGuardia.

When I fly, I personally always use LaGuardia. More often than not, I experience delays leaving LGA and arriving into LGA. My trips either begin or end badly.

I’ve only used JFK once. I was in the line to check my baggage and get my boarding pass. I was so far back in line, it was guaranteed that I would miss my flight. The customer service agent assisted me in cutting in line. I was able to get my boarding pass and run like my life depended on it to my gate. Once I arrived to my gate I saw that my flight was delayed. The rush, the frustration and the feeling that I’d never make my flight was all for nothing. Breathless, I sat down and waited impatiently for my flight to leave.

What’s even more pesky about the New York flying experience is the weather delays. JFK will be flying smoothly, with no delays. While LGA has one hour weather delays. It’s as if the the bad weather has permanently attached itself to LGA.

If you’ve ever had a bad experience flying through New York City airports, please take my survey. I would love to hear about your experiences.

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