Lip-Locking Losers (I’m in PDA hell!)

Kissing couple

Eww! Get a room!!! (Photograph courtesy of Tina Phillips /

One of the biggest annoyances living in New York City is being subjected to PDA. And, no, I don’t mean Audio Adrenaline’s painful 1992 music video “PDA!” PDA refers to “public displays of affection” such as holding hands, kissing, hugging or publicly engaging in any other romantic behavior that would normally be done behind close doors.

While I can understand the intense need one might feel to kiss their lover while stolling through the park, must I be subjected to it at the grocery store or while riding the subway? Furthermore, must you do it when you’re standing less than 6-inches away from me?!

The other day during my early Monday morning commute to school, I stood pressed against the doors of the second car on the 1 train. Everyone was uncomfortably packed inside like sardines, yet this young couple felt it was an appropriate time to nuzzle up to each other, whisper sweet nothings and makeout. I was officially in PDA hell. The sound of their lips smacking together was almost enough for me to lose my Cheerios! To this day, I shudder just thinking about it.

Whether while running errands, rushing to get to work or class, walking your dog, dining at a restaurant, watching a movie in a theater or walking in Central Park, disgusting, obnoxious PDA is everywhere! On the bright side, the cold weather will mean that most PDA will move indoors. But, there are still countless public indoor spaces that will be ridden with PDA.

I’m reaching out to all those who are sick of being subjected to seeing public make out sessions everywhere they go. Now that winter is coming and many will shack up with their Summer loves, those who prefer the single life (as well as those PDA-detesting couples out there too!) will have to do their best to avoid being ambushed by one of these pests!

Have you ever witnessed PDA? Please take our brief survey. We can’t wait to see the results!

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