Survey: NYC Street Fundraisers (and the People Who Hate/Love/Feel Ambivalent About Them)

Do you have a minute for a good cause? Do you want to help your favorite candidate get elected? Do you want to save children or baby seals or justice?

You probably do, even when you’re in a hurry, but there are so many good causes fundraising on the city’s streets these days that even the most charitable of us is forced to pick and choose. And, especially given that most of those causes want your money more than your time, some people may just choose to opt out completely. After all, New Yorkers are skilled at avoiding sidewalk annoyances of all kinds, from tourists looking at maps to natives forgetting to pick up after their dogs.

These fundraisers often get the same treatment: the strategic street-cross, the hurried apology, and the good old walk-on-by.

But the tactic must work, or else they wouldn’t be there. Maybe you even think it’s a fine idea, and you’re glad to be reminded to give back. Or maybe you at least feel a teeny bit guilty when you pretend you don’t hear them.

Help me find out who is giving to those beclipboarded souls, which of them, and why. This quick survey should only take two minutes of your time (and I won’t ask you for money, scout’s honor). Check back here in two weeks for the completely unscientific results!

Take the survey.

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