Stop Taking up Space on the Subway!!!

Subway riders of New York City: BEWARE! There is someone getting on a train near you that has a huge, unsightly package that is taking up entirely too much space! You need a seat, you are tired from a long day and here is Mr. Package too Big for the Subway taking up more space than is necessary. If you have ever wanted to tell the guy to take a cab or rent a car, you’re not alone. I have wanted to do the same thing! To help you and Mr. Package too Big for the Subway I have compiled a list of alternative transportation methods for him. Of course he will have to use the service that works best for him and where he is going.

1.    New York Waterway: The website says it’s the fastest and easiest way to and from Manhattan. They even have student fares. No animals are allowed except service animals. TRY IT and stay off the subway!
2.    Yellow Cab: You cannot go wrong with it!  There are even minivans and SUV’s to handle your heavy stuff! Whatever you do, just stop blocking human traffic on the subway.
3.   Zipcar: When you need a car, truck, or SUV sign up for this service and drive yourself! It’s like renting a car, but cheaper.
4.    Bicycle: When in doubt hook up a small trailer to your bike and pedal your big stuff to where you need to go. Get your exercise and clear up subway traffic!

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