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A Cab-tive Audience

But given the high level of ambivalence about taxi TV, the loss of the “off” button, even for the precious few seconds until someone comes on to shill for NBC, is a subtle but significant insult to one of the last bastions of quiet privacy in New York City. What kind of programming would make you happy to watch the taxi TV? Continue reading

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Expensive Living In NYC: What Exactly Are We Paying For?

A friend of mine said that living in New York City is in and of itself a luxury item. Considering how much I’m shelling out in rent I would say it’s at least a Mercedes Benz. Continue reading

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Stop Taking up Space on the Subway!!!

Subway riders of New York City: BEWARE! There is someone getting on a train near you that has a huge, unsightly package that is taking up entirely too much space! You need a seat, you are tired from a long … Continue reading

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