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Society HAE Brings Art and Music to Harlem

Galleries are fine and museums are fine, but in my opinion I feel like art belongs to the people. You shouldn’t have to pay a price to experience it. Continue reading

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Filming the New York Art Scene

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The Chelsea Ceramic Guild: Sculpting an NYC Pottery Community

The Chelsea Ceramic Guild, a pottery studio on West 19th Street in Manhattan, has been a community space for ceramics enthusiasts for over two decades. Just this month, the Guild’s adjoining gallery space, which has been selling art made by Guild members and others since the late 1980s, closed for financial reasons. Continue reading

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The Writing on the Wall: Graffiti’s Innocuous Presence

Graffiti, one of the most controversial forms of modern “art,” is rampant in large cities such as New York. While at one point in time graffiti seemed like a strong indicator that the neighborhood was going down hill, now many don’t seem to mind it at all. Continue reading

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Slideshow: Selling Individuality in New York City

The One of a Kind Show, opening last Thursday and continuing over two weekends, is a different kind of gift fair: unlike the wares at the Grand Central or Union Square holiday markets, these goods are all—as one might guess—unique. Continue reading

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Sound Art in New York City

What is sound art? How do we experience it?  What makes sound… art?  A recent exhibition at Brooklyn’s Diapason Gallery – the only gallery in New York devoted to sound art – gives us a cacophony of clues to answer … Continue reading

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