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Are Babies in NYC Bars Space Invaders?

Parents are people too. They may need to unwind with a glass of wine once in a while. And why shouldn’t that be in a bar? The debate about babies in bars is alive and well in Brooklyn where lifestyles … Continue reading

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Expensive Living In NYC: What Exactly Are We Paying For?

A friend of mine said that living in New York City is in and of itself a luxury item. Considering how much I’m shelling out in rent I would say it’s at least a Mercedes Benz. Continue reading

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Lousy Language

When you work with language as a professional tool, there is nothing more infuriating than picking up on those little habitual words that people repeat annoyingly… “you know”…  “like”…. “whatever.” But to some having an individual language is key to … Continue reading

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Pests of the Subway

A list of the kinds of subway riders that can make you seriously consider paying for parking in Manhattan. Continue reading

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