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Craft Fair Vendors: On the Road for the Holiday Season

This year’s One of a Kind Show in New York City showcased the work of more than 200 vendors of handmade goods—and while there are certainly hundreds of crafters in the tri-state area, these folks came from far and wide.
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The Chelsea Ceramic Guild: Sculpting an NYC Pottery Community

The Chelsea Ceramic Guild, a pottery studio on West 19th Street in Manhattan, has been a community space for ceramics enthusiasts for over two decades. Just this month, the Guild’s adjoining gallery space, which has been selling art made by Guild members and others since the late 1980s, closed for financial reasons. Continue reading

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Slideshow: Selling Individuality in New York City

The One of a Kind Show, opening last Thursday and continuing over two weekends, is a different kind of gift fair: unlike the wares at the Grand Central or Union Square holiday markets, these goods are all—as one might guess—unique. Continue reading

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Immigrants Assimilate with a New York Accent (Hold the Cawfee)

Jeffrey Davis uses stage and linguistics training to help people who are self-conscious about their accents play the part of native speakers, and he’s found that the downturn in the economy has driven more and more people to want to brush up on their nasals and fricatives. Continue reading

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New York’s Annoying Fundraisers Annoy, Raise Funds

Hypothesis confirmed! Street fundraisers are, in fact, annoying New York. But before you get all “d’uh” — data collected over the past two weeks also suggest that peskiness has little to do with their success or lack thereof. Continue reading

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Survey: NYC Street Fundraisers (and the People Who Hate/Love/Feel Ambivalent About Them)

Help me find out who is giving to those beclipboarded street fundraisers, which of them, and why. This quick survey should only take two minutes of your time. Continue reading

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A Cab-tive Audience

But given the high level of ambivalence about taxi TV, the loss of the “off” button, even for the precious few seconds until someone comes on to shill for NBC, is a subtle but significant insult to one of the last bastions of quiet privacy in New York City. What kind of programming would make you happy to watch the taxi TV? Continue reading

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Hear This: Experience New York at the Volume *You* Prefer

As of May 2010, more people—2,098,288, to be exact—had called 311 to complain about noise than about anything else. But, as nice as it is to have a good whine, the peskiest sounds in the city do have solutions. Continue reading

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