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The Real Indiana Jones: Finding the World’s Oldest Subway Tunnel

Manhattan’s Second Avenue Subway has been in the pipeline for more than 75 years, the complaints resurface almost every year as the program inches forward. But the Second Ave Subway isn’t the only line that time forgot. The world’s oldest … Continue reading

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Filming the New York Art Scene

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Can Art Helps New York’s Homeless and Hungry

Can-not believe it’s art? In 1962 Andy Warhol created a series of 32 paintings of Campbell Soup cans. Exhibited in a row resembling a grocery store shelf the work caused controversy and debate across the art world about the ethics … Continue reading

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Mothers in Law: Familial Pest Results

Regardless of the endless jokes and overcooked vegetables, it seems the myth of mothers in law as a matriarchal dragon may be just that, a myth! As the results of the survey come in the vast majority of participants have … Continue reading

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Sound Art in New York City

What is sound art? How do we experience it?  What makes sound… art?  A recent exhibition at Brooklyn’s Diapason Gallery – the only gallery in New York devoted to sound art – gives us a cacophony of clues to answer … Continue reading

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Mothers in law: New York’s familial pests?

We have all heard the jokes and received the embarrassing gifts.  We can work out that ‘mother in law’ is an anagram of ‘Hitler woman’- try it, it’s true.  And we can even look back far into poetic history to … Continue reading

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Lousy Language

When you work with language as a professional tool, there is nothing more infuriating than picking up on those little habitual words that people repeat annoyingly… “you know”…  “like”…. “whatever.” But to some having an individual language is key to … Continue reading

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Edible Pests

Crawling, buzzing and swarming aren’t qualities most of us associate with gastronomic pleasure. But as bed bugs and roaches continue to bite through New York City’s attractions there is a nutritional way of dealing with the cities pests. Continue reading

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