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Lip-Locking Losers (I’m in PDA hell!)

Whether while running errands, rushing to get to work or class, walking your dog, dining at a restaurant, watching a movie in a theater or walking in Central Park, disgusting, obnoxious PDA is everywhere! On the bright side, the cold weather will mean the PDA will be taken indoors. But, there are still countless public indoor spaces that will be ridden with PDA. Continue reading

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Mothers in law: New York’s familial pests?

We have all heard the jokes and received the embarrassing gifts.  We can work out that ‘mother in law’ is an anagram of ‘Hitler woman’- try it, it’s true.  And we can even look back far into poetic history to … Continue reading

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A survey of Bedbugs in NYC: True Plague or Just Panic?

If you have lived in New York in the past year, you have probably aware that bedbugs have made a comeback. Stories about the tiny bloodsuckers have filled the papers and are regularly featured on TV news. But is this problem really big enough to warrant the 13 bedbug stories the NY Times has published in the last month alone? Should New Yorkers be panicking about the oncoming bedbug plague or is this the Y2K of this decade, a minor impact with a LOT of buzz? Continue reading

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam mattis gravida justo, at vulputate diam pellentesque vel. Aliquam erat volutpat. Duis a accumsan urna. Quisque elit mauris, laoreet ut varius non, imperdiet a tellus. Cras ante libero, luctus eget lacinia … Continue reading

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Survey: NYC Street Fundraisers (and the People Who Hate/Love/Feel Ambivalent About Them)

Help me find out who is giving to those beclipboarded street fundraisers, which of them, and why. This quick survey should only take two minutes of your time. Continue reading

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